Mayor Tubbs State of the City Address, May 2017

Clearly Mayor Tubbs does not understand that when you're speaking at the State of the City, your speech is being recorded. He has told us time and again, meetings at Swenson, Town Hall Meeting, that selling the Swenson property was not his idea or intention...yet this video says something entirely different. I am also super frustrated by his number of $700,000 subsidies to City of Stockton golf courses. This number is not accurate.

Here is the link to the video on our Facebook Group Page and below are my comments about the video: Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce ~ State of the City Address by Mayor Tubbs.

Yep! This is what we've been saying all along... he's been lying to all of us! This was just last May of 2017. Now he says, it was not his idea or intention. Look out folks, this is politics at its finest and we the people of Stockton will be paying the tab for this HUGE mistake for decades to come. We must get this property out of city hands, stop lumping it together with Van Buskirk, which is the drain, not Swenson. At the "Town Hall" meeting it was quite clear the Swenson subsidy is around $220,000 per year...NOT the $750-$800,000 Tubbs keeps mentioning in his remarks. Van Buskirk costs 3 times more than Swenson. Van Buskirk property has deed restrictions and is not in the same category as Swenson, like we've been lead to believe. With improvements our golf course would be profitable. The numbers he mentions do not speak the truth! Please visit our website FAQs to get the truth. Since Friends of Swenson/Save Swenson has formed, we've already helped increase revenues at the golf course including thousands of dollars for the junior golf program. We are just getting started. This is what happens when community comes together. The City of Stockton does not want to manage the Swenson property properly, and frankly have done a horrible job with it, including dumping large quantities of garbage on the property instead of taking to the dump??? And, come up with this unacceptable option without any input from the city and county neighbors this affects. What he doesn't mention in this video is the thousands of dollars in new taxes that would have to be paid by the city and county homeowners to fund low income housing in that location per year. Friends of Swenson determined after the December 4th City Council Meeting that we must take the property over, gain control and manage it to protect our own interest. The city has claimed they are unable to handle the financial burden of subsidizing the Beautiful green space, which all cities do. Friends of Swenson unveiled our plan on March 8th, to create a park district, operated and managed by a local community board, voted in by the park district itself and not appointed by city or county officials who have been unable to invest in, improve or manage the property/golf course. This alternative would cost taxpayers a fraction of the cost per year,(approximately $60-$150/year instead of the estimated $2,500-$3,000 inevitable Mellos Roos Tax, per year) save millions of dollars for Lincoln School District and protect Swenson Golf Course and Park for generations to come. Protect the air oxygen to 14,000 Stocktonians, the old oak trees, the protected wildlife which lives there, the traffic issues, property values, and the safety of our children. Stockton in a huge and loud voice has said NO, we cannot accept this and we will take back control of this property. The City Officials should do the right thing and donate this property to #friendsofswenson and work with us to create a successful park district, managed and operated by their own board. My concern is the County official (previously could not take a stand,) now wants to work with the City on our behalf...will work out a deal where the City/County government will appoint their own board with salaried typical "Do Nothings." We will have the same ol' same ol' mismanagement from the same people who messed this up to begin with. Pay attention, my neighbors and not get complacent...our fight isn't over yet...We ASK Mayor Tubbs and The County Supervisor, in this district to stop playing politics and reach out to us, the people to make our Park District happen in the right way, managed by the people who live there, by a board voted in by them! Just to be clear...We need your help...and will be reaching out. Join our email list at

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