Stockton Town Hall Meeting?

The Save Swenson movement, a county political action committee, will transform into a 501c3 organization to meet the inclusive needs of the Stockton community, as "Friends of Swenson." “We are looking to be what Friends of Pixie Woods are for Swenson. Stockton needs more green space and we all can benefit from keeping Swenson Park for children generations from now”, Blair Hake said at a public forum held at Sierra Middle January 29.

Blair Hake addressing the community. Not getting an answer from the Mayor. "Will the City work with Friends of Stockton to solve this issue?"

Supervisors to discuss Swenson

In perhaps the biggest turn of events, Supervisor Kathy Miller has made a statement on the public debate on Swenson Park. Although County Counsel released a legal opinion giving the Board impunity for those remaining silent, Supervisors will make it a priority to hear residents on Tuesday, February 6 at 9am. This presents the opportunity for residents to advocate to the Board solutions that could impact the County’s regional zoning plans, projected revenue (losses) of property taxes, or the fiscal impact on the Sheriff’s shrinking budget.

Supervisor Miller stated that there’s plenty “opinion and misinformation causing confusion and concern to county residents” and residents are sure to not leave without accurate information. This is the leadership rightfully displayed by Supervisor Miller who is seeking reelection in June. County

representatives are often dragged into City issues, but residents still elect both offices.

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