Environment and Air Quality for San Joaquin Valley!

A Concern for All Residents!

A recent Stockton Tree Foundation study reinforces the positive impact of Swenson, stating the park is currently sequestering 94 tons of C02 per year! Converting the park to residential usage, or anything other than green space, will result in a net increase in C02 emissions of at least 720 tons per year! The impact on air quality will have a negative effect on Stockton for generations to come.


The Audubon Society recently spotted 22 different species of birds inhabiting the park.  Including the Red-Breasted Sapsucker, a species not often found in the city. They also enjoyed a look at one of the Red Foxes known to inhabit the park. The beauty of Swenson is a snapshot into the history of our valley.


In this era of enhanced awareness regarding climate change and man’s affect on wildlife habitat, we need to be extremely careful in our decision to forever give up open green space within the city.


Most cities subsidize their parks as they understand the community benefit. Swenson Park and Golf Course, is vital to the overall health for all of our Stockton residents and visitors, making it an attractive place to live, work, and play. We cannot afford to lose this greenbelt in the heart of Stockton.


We thank the city residents for the overwhelming support they have demonstrated for the Swenson Park property, and ask that our city officials work with us to enhance Swenson Park both aesthetically and financially for the entire community to enjoy.


Blair Hake and Friends of Swenson ~  saveswenson.com